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Ocean Crusaders

Ocean Crusaders
Founded in Australia 2010

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 Our artisans and craftsmen in Egypt can recreate these elegant designs in 18k gold.. 

 A future heirloom for you and your family to treasure!

 One free small Papyrus delivered with all Pendants  purchased

Please note - Sizing includes chain clasp approx 1/4" (6.35mm)

18K Gold Pendant collection

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18K solid yellow or white Gold Anhk
18K Eye of Horus Pendant
18k Gold Ankh with Inlaid Lapis Stone Pendant
18K Gold Nefertiti head Pendant
Pyramid Gold Pendant
18K King Tut Pendant - option with or without stone necklace
Scarab with inlaid stone
18k Gold Scarab
Ankh / Scarab / Lotus Gold Pendant (os)
18K Gold Winged Isis with Lapis Stone Pendant
Eye of Horus with Crystal
Ankh with Hieroglyphic symbols
18K Isis in pyramid
18k Winged Isis pendant
18k Winged Enameled Scarab
18K Ankh Gold with Engraved Symbols Pendant - XtraLarge
Pyramid w/ Eye of Horus
18k Gold Udjat Eye Pendant
18K Enameled Ankh on Hieroglyphics Symbols Pendant
18k Gold Enameled Eye of Horus w/ Ankh
18K Knot of Isis Pendant
18K Gold Eye of Horus w/ Inlaid Lapis & Mother of Pearl Stone Pendant
18k Gold Eye of Horus with Crystal - XXLarge

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    18K Egyptian Gold Jewelry and Handcrafted Unique Gifts. All the magic and the beauty of the ancient skills of Egypt, are now available to you all geared towards lovers and those that love hand-crafts from all over the world, and for the connoisseur of extraordinary, unique Egyptian 18ct gold gifts and silver souvenirs, Silver Jewellery and cartouches, hieroglyphic are all handmade designs in our Jewelry workshop in Egypt, all Sea Gypsy Online's products are handcrafted using the ancient skills past down through generations.
    Now with Charmaine Quinn Artist collection of Animal Art and Pet Portraits