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Ocean Crusaders

Ocean Crusaders
Founded in Australia 2010

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Sea Gypsy Online’s...

Frequently asked questions.


This is a list of the most common asked questions.


Please read through them carefully to get to know more about Sea Gypsy Online, and if after reading you would still like to know more or receive an answer to a specific question please contact us and we will always endeavour to answer any query honestly and openly as quickly as we can.

More FAQ’s will be added as they are received

Q: How can you offer such great prices on such unique individual hand-crafted items?


A: Sea Gypsy Online’s, customers have the advantage of our direct relationship with various crafts people either direct or through our suppliers in Egypt and some suppliers are based in the US with offices in Egypt, through their experience and knowledge it assures we have only the best hand-pick from the finest, genuine, individual unique pieces of handcrafted arts and skills. We can then make them available to you within Sea Gypsy Online’s E-store.


Q: What about the less expensive similar items I can find?


A:  Well now thank you for a great question.

As with all items and products in these times you can always find what appears to be a better deal, cheaper price etc, etc. We at Sea Gypsy Online believe we offer as much variety as possible and stay unique at the same time. Our Cartouches and jewellery are all uniquely handcrafted and no two will be exactly the same.  Sure we could offer mass produced styles that are available ( not from Egypt) and be just like everyone else offering the same. Mass produced items do not have the character we at Sea Gypsy Online want to offer our clientele. A machine can not ever replace that timeless feeling of unique skills handed down through thousands of years of generations. One of the high costs of dealing with these types of items is often the shipping costs from the countries that still use these skills. We at Sea Gypsy Online are always working on offering the best possible solutions to shipping, but only with full security in mind.


Q: How do I measure my pendant or Cartouche size?


A: The sizing of Pendants and Cartouches includes the chain clasp in the final sizing. E.G. a 1" (25mm) measurement includes a 1/4" (Approx 6.35mm) for the chain bail, the pendant or Cartouche itself will measure approx 18.65mm in length.


Q: How secure is the shipping of my purchase to me?


A:  Your item is as secure as possible with any shipping arrangement in the world. Our default standard shipping service is via USPS and on average is shipped in approx, 10 - 14 business days from order date and you will receive your order on average in approx, 14 -21 Business days from date of order. 
We do have FedEx Express shipping option at an added cost if required.
PLEASE NOTE currently FedEx is not an option please see link for why


Q: Can I arrange my own shipping?


A: At this time the answer is no. It is a very complex shipping arrangement to be as secure as possible. Sea Gypsy Online's shipping rates have been negotiated to the best arrangement available at this time. 


Q: Is your online store regularly updated?


A: We at Sea Gypsy Online know that we can only succeed and grow by offering the best quality handcrafted products at the very best prices we can. Therefore, we will always be doing the best effort we can to add new products as they become available and are of the quality and individuality expected by us and you the customer of handcrafted products at the best possible prices.


Q: How do I order?


A:  Shopping at Sea Gypsy Online is a simple 4-step process:


1-     Browse through our comprehensive product range (currently approx. 250+ items) Select the items you like and add them to your shopping cart.


2-     When you have completed your stroll through our store and finished your shopping proceed to the checkout area. Here you will need to supply all required details for your shopping to be home delivered anywhere in the world. 


3-     Pay for your shopping using the options available that suit you best.  We accept Money orders, personal cheques and PayPal eCheques too, but this will slow down your orders delivery time.


4-     That is all you are required to do and your order will now be processed for personalization and delivery. Sit back, relax and you will receive your shopping to your door.


Q: Is it safe to use my credit card for an online purchase?


A: Sea Gypsy Online has decided due to the level of Credit Card Fraud in todays world to only offer Credit Card payments via PayPal at this time. Please see below for further information on using PayPal


Q: Can I use PayPal?


A:  Yes you most certainly can and you do not need to have an existing PayPal account. Sea Gypsy Online has an account with PayPal and all that will be required is a valid Credit Card or your own account with a balance to complete the transaction. If you have a personal account with PayPal you can use the Express Checkout PayPal button found in the first screen of your shopping cart. If you do not have a personal account with PayPal follow through to the checkout and select PayPal option and proceed, this will take you to PayPal and you can pay using your credit card without setting up a PayPal account. Paypal eCheques will be treated as personal cheques and will delay - see below.


Q: Can I use bank direct deposits, money orders or personal checks?


A: Yes absolutely! All details will be available at the checkout or here for these options if you prefer to use them or do not have a credit card.

  • Money orders will incur a delay in processing of your order until received and cleared.
  • We at Sea Gypsy online like to believe in people’s honesty and integrity and have chosen to accept personal checks. Checks will incur a delay in processing of your order until received and cleared by bank. Should a check not be honoured on first presentation all related bank costs will be passed on to the account holder and an alternative payment option will be required for payment before the order will be processed.

Hope these have helped and if you have a question not answered here please contact us with your query/question.



Customers comments


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Sea Gypsy Online offers handcrafted Gifts and items from the worlds craft people, Egyptian gold, Belly dance fashion, egyptian art, egyptian cartouche and artifacts. We stock Gold Cartouche, Papyrus, Egyptian Handmade Unique Gifts and Jewelry direct from Egypt. Sea Gypsy Online offers you via the Worldwide web Gifts from Egypt, Charmaine Quinn Animal Artist, Animal Portraits, Animal Pastel Art. .
Sea Gypsy Online also offers
Jewelry from Egypt.
18K Egyptian Gold Jewelry and Handcrafted Unique Gifts. All the magic and the beauty of the ancient skills of Egypt, are now available to you all geared towards lovers and those that love hand-crafts from all over the world, and for the connoisseur of extraordinary, unique Egyptian 18ct gold gifts and silver souvenirs, Silver Jewellery and cartouches, hieroglyphic are all handmade designs in our Jewelry workshop in Egypt, all Sea Gypsy Online's products are handcrafted using the ancient skills past down through generations.
Now with Charmaine Quinn Artist collection of Animal Art and Pet Portraits