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Ocean Crusaders

Ocean Crusaders
Founded in Australia 2010

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Shipping and returns policy

Shipping information          


Thank you for visiting Sea Gypsy Online and for your purchase.

  • Please note: We are currently trying to ship to PO Boxes  but if we can't upon notification as have found sometimes they won't you will be contacted for a physical address for delivery.
  • Sea Gypsy Online may contact you if incorrect shipping details, options or payments are received. This is not guaranteed to occur. Generally Sea Gypsy Online WILL NOT contact you in relation to errors in shipping details or payments and non-shipment of your order!   
  • As many of our items are personalized and are not created until your order is received by our Artisans please allow 10 -14 business days for your order to be created before being shipped direct from our Crafts people to your door.
  • All items will be shipped via the default using USPS generally, this is our default shipping.
  • FedEx Express with tracking is available as an added option on checkout.
  • All orders should be shipped on average within 14 business days and you should receive your order within 14 business days from the time of placing your order with Sea Gypsy Online.
  • Please allow up to 28 business days to receive your order due to circumstances in the world today.
    Shipments can be held up outside of anyone’s control. Should the items not arrive in this time frame please contact us at
    Sea Gypsy Online  including all of your details and your order number, and we will action upon it immediately to track down the delay.
  • Sea Gypsy Online will ship your order to your door, to your friends, Partner or any physical address anywhere in the world. You can note the shipping address in the checkout of our E- store. You will be advised via e-mail on your order being shipped. 

Returns information.

  • If for any reason you are not happy with the quality of your delivered products upon receipt please contact us at Sea Gypsy Online within 5 business days maximum and we will attempt to resolve your issue.
  • Items cannot be returned for the simple reason of change of mind, as many of our products are personalised specifically for the individual customer.
  • Should your product arrive damaged in anyway please contact us at  Sea Gypsy Online immediately upon receiving the item(s). If you can supply a digital photograph at the same time this will help speed up the claim and exchange of the item, upon us receiving it at the address you are notified to send to. Any shipping costs for returning any damaged item will be credited or exchanged for extra product.
  • All returns must have an issued returns number from Sea Gypsy Online without exception.
  • Any returns without a returns number marked on the outside of the packaging will not be accepted as a valid return by Sea Gypsy Online and the package will not be opened.


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Sea Gypsy Online offers handcrafted Gifts and items from the worlds craft people, Egyptian gold, Belly dance fashion, egyptian art, egyptian cartouche and artifacts. We stock Gold Cartouche, Papyrus, Egyptian Handmade Unique Gifts and Jewelry direct from Egypt. Sea Gypsy Online offers you via the Worldwide web Gifts from Egypt, Charmaine Quinn Animal Artist, Animal Portraits, Animal Pastel Art. .
Sea Gypsy Online also offers
Jewelry from Egypt.
18K Egyptian Gold Jewelry and Handcrafted Unique Gifts. All the magic and the beauty of the ancient skills of Egypt, are now available to you all geared towards lovers and those that love hand-crafts from all over the world, and for the connoisseur of extraordinary, unique Egyptian 18ct gold gifts and silver souvenirs, Silver Jewellery and cartouches, hieroglyphic are all handmade designs in our Jewelry workshop in Egypt, all Sea Gypsy Online's products are handcrafted using the ancient skills past down through generations.
Now with Charmaine Quinn Artist collection of Animal Art and Pet Portraits