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Egyptian Belly Dancing. The dance of the Nile


This beautiful dance known as Belly Dancing is performed using all of the body, and not only the belly and pelvis.

Belly dancing is the Western Society's name given to this style of dance, the correct names are Raks Sharki or in the Egyptian language - Raqs al-sharqi. The English translation of these names is Oriental Dance.

Belly dancing has many health benefits to women and this is why in the ancient times and even today mothers teach their daughters the art of Belly Dancing. There are numerous styles of Belly Dances performed, each style traditionally for different events or celebrations.

There are many dance forms that can in a way be connected with Belly Dancing, some not so respectable. As many movies and dance clubs etc, have used this style of dance in their performances. Unfortunately many people have only seen a Belly Dance in these types of venues and not in the true traditional style.

The dance is usually performed as a solo dance. Using swinging of the hips, shaking and rolling of the body and the feet are moving to the beat of the music. Many belly dancers can and do use finger cymbals while dancing. A traditional style Belly Dancer will be judged on how well she moves her shoulders and not just her pelvis.

The serious belly dancers and those that perform the dance in the traditional way do not associate their dancing with Strippers or Burlesque. This style of dance in reality is a very, very old, beautiful style that should be seen as a respected art form.

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Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, supply of Belly Dancing products has been put on hold indefinately.
We are sorry to our valued clients, but with the last year of Global instability, we have been unable to source a good honest, reliable, quality suppy of Belly Dance items.
We are still hoping in time we will find the quality supply you ask for with Hand Crafted Belly Dance fashion to our Quality standard
From Egypt and/or Turkey
Thank you for your understanding

Please check back for updates or email us for updated information

  If you are a supplier of genuine handcrafted Belly Dance items and would like to be doing business with Sea Gypsy Online and Australian Dancers and can offer absolute quality and service (prefer drop-ship supply) - please feel free to drop us an email.Contact details here


Belly Dancing

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